....now the question, what do do with it!

I know it is a good engine and deserves to be in a bike, but,-

You can see how excited we have been to have seen it. I think a few of the guys here own 1970 bikes with a strange numbering sequence.
You may have read a few threads here already.

The thing is that until the last few years we just lived with the confusion, generated in part by websites such as the BSAOC UK and even indeed the dating info on our own site here.
Now, in the past year or so the guys have ganged up and yelled ENOUGH.
Let's get this sorted out.
In November Gary E helped us get a conclusion to the 1967 Dash Y issue many of us had been wondering about.

In the process we also made huge advances in obtaining a clearer picture on the Y bikes of 1970.
We now accept that the Y bikes of 1970 were made and we have a fair idea of the numbers. My guess is that possibly 10% of the 1970 A65 twins were stamped in a similar style to yours.

But all the others are stamped in a purely 1967 style sequence.... nothing about the number would lead the un-initiated to think they were anything but 1967.

Now we have one.... your engine !
One that is literally a missing link.

I believe it is a stamping error but to me everything falls into place.
We knew the date when that strange number casting was used. The sample pool was large enough plus we had a dating certificate I believe. Anyway it was only ever used on XD, a few AD and a number of A65TA*****Y and A65LA*****Y bikes.
Xmas/New Year of the 1970 model run.

Hahahha, I am wondering if this was a 'morning after' stamping job.
I would not be at all surprised.
The guy that did it may still be about 42 years after the event. He should remember doing it, I think he would have had to explain himself and would have been party to the discussion as to what they were going to do with the engine.

There may be another possibility also. Hard to envisage one though, perhaps along the lines of a Special Order for some customer.
What it has done is draw attention to the fact that the 1967 style A65TA code has been linked to the 1970 styled XD date system. It is all there to see and on just the one engine.

Until we crack the rest of the puzzle this remains unique and very much like a museum piece.
I am guessing someone like John or Bruce will be tempted to make you an offer for it.

[Linked Image]

Here is a pic of what a 'normal' twin would look like made that month.
Some points of interest. The XD is the prefix and the 4 digit number has the zero incorporated. You will note the distinctive casting also....it literally just seemed to have appeared for a few weeks production before it was revised.

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Why, Y, Dash Y..