Heheh, you' re absolutely right, Wak grin
But then, the budgets here in Belgium for movies are way too low to buy or even rent the correct vehicles, so they have to look elsewhere.
Also, they didn' t find enough people who were prepared to show up with suitable machines on that particular day...
Apart from the shocks and the disc-braked Guzzi, the BSA B40WD was never sold to the public either wink

Anyway, this scene will make only a few seconds of the movie and we were just there to fill up the scene and make some noise.
99,9% of the people who will watch the movie won' t even notice there' s bikes in it laughing

This happens often though. How many times did they use NA Harrvard/Texan aircraft to mimic German or Japanese aircraft to name one?
Remember Steve McQueen riding an early sixties 650 Triumph in the great Escape, btw ??
That was supposed to be a German WWII motorcycle... grin

anyway, we had great fun. wink


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