Just put regular fuel in from supermarket in the UK as far as I know is 95 octane and it runs fine as far as I can tell

We used to have 2 3 4 and 5 star petrol think 5 Star was 100 octane the only other thing I use is a lead substitute to stop valve/seats burning out


Just done some googleing and found this

"Super Fuels

Many of the large petrol companies have launched 'super fuels' - petrols and diesels that have a higher research octane level. These fuels are said to increase power in many vehicles, deliver less pollution than regular fuels and help to maintain a cleaner engine. Amongst these 'super fuels' are Tesco's Super Unleaded 99 Octane petrol, supplied by Greenergy, now sold at many stations across the UK and also BP's Ultimate 102 Unleaded which is currently the most advanced, high-performance petrol you can buy on UK forecourts. "

Might have to try a tank full see if it makes a diffrence

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