Previous discussion on Spitfire production numbers.

Alistair bequeathed material to the BSAOC and in that was his factory weekly production register. The production of Spitfires were as follows:-
1964/65 Spitfire Hornet 2139
1966 Spitfire MkII 3719
1967 Spitfire MkIII 3058
1968 Spitfire Mark IV 471
This excludes the Mark III Spitfires upgraded to Mark IV specification. These are composite figures and so each year would have home, USA East Coast, West Coast and export specification models.

I am having trouble comprehending these figures.
I doubt the comments from the BSAOC Librarian are helpful also.
How can an incomplete bike be exported ?

We know 1967 Spitfires are plentiful, even the Dash Y ones are everywhere. I would put money on there being many more MkIII than MkII bikes about now.

Less than 500 MkIV bikes, so with the several hundred that we now believe were Hybrid added to the mix that makes over a thousand..ok, fair enough, - but that also means every second MkIV Spitfire is a SA17000Y bike.

The quality of those hybrid bikes must have been sh*t, - only a small percentage have survived compared to the 'true' 1968 MkIV models. The SB machines are more plentiful to my mind.

I guess all the info we come across has to be a step forward. I am just concerned about facts and figures that don't make sense. Somehow amongst all this we are making progress

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Why, Y, Dash Y..