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Than there are the orphan 1969 Y bikes. My number is A65LA7752Y.

I posted a picture of the dating certificate a while back that says it left on 8/19/69 for NJ. Maybe it s/b be a 1970 with that late ship date, but the engine is pure 69...not having the 1970 changes for clutch entry and barrel studs.

Good info! I've added Bruce's '69 LA to my '67 number database

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...By far the majority of 'Y' bikes (A65L and A65T) have very high numbers...again up around 17xxx in many cases....

...Until now I assumed the largest batch was at the end of the run (going by large S/N)...

...be dead strange if we found one in mid-season, or even April of 1970....

As I mentioned earlier, according to the '67 production books, the '70 "Y" machines had random numbers from 10434 to 17042 and were in the 10000, 11000, 12000, and 17000 number groups. They were dated as dispatched in January, February, and May 1970 (68 machines in May).

I think I may still have that '67/'70 Lightning article

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