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I recognized that only one thrust washer can be seen on the timing side. But in the manual is stated that after engine number 200000 2 washer are required....

My factory manual copy gives the following information:

"On engines between numbers 200000 and 300000, a flat thrust washer is fitted between this chamfered washer and the crankcase."

As your Commando is a 1973 850 model, it should have an engine number higher than 300000? So, no second washer.

Also, check what it says in the Old Britts info:

"06-2601 -- NORTON, Washer, Thrust, Camshaft, Some 1972( $5.62 each). This tabbed thrust washer is only used when fitting the 06-2600 bushing and there is a locating hole for the tab in the crank case."