Hi folks, I'm sorta new here. Registered awhile ago and then never managed to return. But now I finally got my Beezer so I'm back. Bike is a '65 T-bolt that the previous owner restored. Normally, I like to buy bikes as-is and tinker with them. But I could not pass this one by when it showed up for sale. It has a few mistakes, that I'm in the process of correcting. But he did most things right like rechroming original parts instead of replacing. Can't wait for Spring to take her on her maiden voyage. 800 miles on the odo since the rebuild. I know the guy that did the engine and even he said the guy spent money like a drunken sailor on this bike. Plus the PO was a fellow employee and we have mutual friends so I know the bike restoration is 100% legit.
So far I've found the BSA info to be a little more cryptic than Triumph info. It appears that the T-bolt came with a tach in it's first year, which was '65. I know that later T-bolts only had a speedo. I probably will be looking to the experts here for help in verifying some other details on my bike. In the meantime, here she is. Ain't she purty?
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