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Started on building the racer in '83 out of parts I'd been collecting for several previous years. I believe the basic chassie and engine came with another Clubman engine/gearbox/primary that was still bolted into the cradle of a Clubman frame cut off at the swingarm and steering head. Paid $1000 for the lump along with fenders, tanks, and severed steering head with numbers that was also on the only paperwork. That was over 30 years ago. The fiberglass tank came later as the first year I ran a two gallon alloy scrambler tank. It came with the lace paint job of the period where they had laid the lace over the paint and added lots of clear coats over the top. I ran the scrambler gearbox for lack of an RRT2. Actually I liked the gearing as I could get a great jump off the line as the other Goldies were slipping the clutches to get going. Raced in Portland, Seattle and Westwood BC Canada from '85 to '95. The Westwood track was beautiful and challenging. We raced on Historic Race Weekend that was quite an event and I was lucky to be involved in the last five events.