Its ridden as my daily commuter. About 100 miles weekly plus sunday rides.. 3 seasons outta 4 anyway. Here in NC, we don't have to have bikes and cars older than 25 yrs inspected. So we can get away with alot. I had some cheap eBay bar ends, they kept coming loose. I got pulled over for speeding. The trooper gave me a warning about the tag being more visable. I've researched the laws regarding displing a MC tag in N.C. According to the DMV, " you will be provided a tag by your local tag office. It must be displayed on the rear of the motorcycle and kept clean"
That certainly leaves alot of grey area.

I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket for a tag placment here, but I have heard of people being ticketed for a dirty tag.

No horn, watch for finger. Ha!