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Rickard P
very nice bike, I am more of a caferacer gay myself but I can apreaciate the works put into a bike like yours, by the way what sort of paint did you use on the exsaust headers?

I am about to paint a set for my new project and everything I have used so far is crap, last for only a month ore so befor its start rusting.

The paint I used was "Dupli-Color" High Temp. I did not read the instructions and painted the pipes. But it says to apply thin coats and then it will cure when the pipes are heated up from use. I unfortunately got a lot of paint on my pants on the first ride.... The paint has held up...OK.... but the white is not as white as you see in the photos. Right where the pipe comes into the head itself, I had some paint flake off. It might be my prep work wasn't so good there. The other pipe better. Any grease or oil that gets on the white seems to get baked on.... it may need to be cleaned with scotch brite to make the white whiter!!!!

I think what I will do this winter is to re paint the pipes.... and bake them in an oven. (before ever going on the bike) The original pipes were chrome plated.... but I am not having a rust problem. Also.... consider that I am still in the break in period on this bike.... I like the white.... but I think it may be an ongoing maintenance thing.

Thanks for your comments.