Received my dating certificate today! Very nicely done indeed.

I asked Steve Foden (BSAOC) about the certificate process, and with his permission, here are some insights of his……

“The despatch books (approx 500) have just been digitised but my priority is to have the 1950's bikes transcribed as they are listed by engines therefore it takes for ever to find a frame as it could be in one of several books and could be in rigid or sprung frame or swinging arm series which did not come down in any logical order. At least the unit A series are listed by frame and the late ones the engine matches the frame number. (mostly). I have been studying these books from when I had them microfilmed for the Science Museum in 1991 and they still throw up mysteries and in some appalling unfathomable handwriting. “

“I do about 40 letters a week on BSA's for the Club, the dating certificates are the easy part the retentions of origianal registrations can take up to 3 hours each and to date i have done 1500 of them. This I do in my own time as i have a full time job. Therefore i prefer to use what time i have left restoring and riding my BSA's …………”

Tried to get Steve to come on-line to discuss “Y” bikes (as I have one), but internet sites aren’t his thing. I did get insights from Steve though, and I’ll be posting that topic soon…as it always stirs some good debates.