From memory Steve is a normal every day human being, with a family and a full time job.
The records are not a 4 nanosec look up computer record but literally dozens of books, in poor condition with corrections, mistakes omissions and after additions so it dose take a little time to do each search.
While the BSAOA dose charge a small fee at commercial rates it would not pay for the time taken to pull out all of the volumes let alone find your bike from a bunch of engine & frame number when the records are arranged in despatch date & contract numbers.
It is something that is done ( along with his other club duties) as a labour of love.
Further more you can thank your lucky stars that the BSAOA managed to rescue these files from the pulping mill or they would not be available to you at all.

There are some groups that have this type of information that will not make it available to any one at all while others will allow you to search them yourself ( for a much bigger fee.
The RROC provides the same service for RR owners which is now done by a secretarial service so we get a 7 day turn around but it costs £ 75.00 .
I am sure that if you wanted to pay them the extra £ 50.00 they would happily give your request some priority.

I have nothing to do with the BSAOA but am the secretary of the BSAMCC of NSW which is just about a full time job in itself without my regular job and occasionally trying to find time to get some of my bikes on the road or even get one out for a ride.
So sit back pull the tops of a couple of cold ones and BE PATIENT.

Bike Beesa