Hi Mark,
Hmm - you got me thinking. The tank I bought off eBay, so you're right regarding it being a '67. I also replaced the smooth valve cover with a finned one 'cause I think it looks cooler. Don't know about the inspection cover or alum backing plate. I do know that this bike was kinda thrown together at one point, so these items may indeed be '67. The engine number starts with just A65T, not A65TA, and the frame numbers are very difficult to read. So I think we're both right - it's probably a '66 with a lot of '67 parts.

Also has pre-'65 forks on her, I added a tach, new front fender and chrome chain guard, and painted the forks/frame.

Thanks for the compliment - I've spent a great deal of time fixing this baby up, and I think I've finally got a solid, reliable road-worthy machine (after stranding me no less than 3 times for 3 different reasons).

'56 Road Rocket
'66 Lightningbolt
'98 Valk