Karl is a member of the OVBSAOC, and lives in Pennsylvania. Most of the Ohio Valley crew knows who he is. I met him back in my T90/500 days when he was showing me all the coolest twisty roads to ride in the Valley, not to mention introducing me to the infamous 'Dinor' on Pleasant Hill Rd. His famous "Dick Mann Special" 1960 Gold Star has been on the front cover of more than one big name magazine, not to mention many webshot archives of rallys. I call him once and a while to ask GS questions. Some of the many highlights of his '60 DBD is firstly what you can't see: Pearson Crank and a Nova 5 speed.
Outwardly striking features include the Munch Mammoth front brake, and 38mm Delorto carb with a remote float and the 14" Mega that sounds very right. He doesn't go online but is well connected to the biking community. He recently had an original Munch Mammoth motorcycle at his house for a brief time acting as buying agent for a european collector. All good stuff. Saw his BMW this year that has the 13 gallon gas tank. NICE.

OVBSAOC # 1625
1960 DBD34 Gold Star
1956 DB34 Gold Star
1969 Bonneville
several basket case Triumphs