Well that's not too bad, except that you have to click on the links instead of the pictures just coming up in-line.

The bike is registered (and engine stamped) as a 1966 A65S. Pistons are 9:1, essentially rendering it a Lightning. The fuel tank is from a '67 Tbolt, and the primary chaincase cover is from a '71. Carbs are 32mm Mikunis, and ignition is Boyer-Bransden ****og. Rear fender and taillight assy. are HD Sportster, and the luggage rack is an HD Sportster accessory for use with a solo seat. I have no idea of the origin of the oil tank, although it looks exactly like the oil tank on the blue bobber in the previous (Gunk's) post!

Mark Z

'65(lower)/'66(upper, wheels, front end, controls)/'67(seat, exhaust, fuel tank, headlamp)/'70(frame) A65 Bitsa.