What happened? Well, I don't know really. I was out cruisin' with the lady as pillion. Speed was around 90 km/h when I suddenly saw the red oil pressure lamp coming on. Instinctivly I pulled the clutch just before the engine locked up. Then there was... silence. Just the wind and friction sound from the tarmac. We pulled up at the roadside and I tried to kick the engine over but it was stucked rock solid.

Back home I noticed the hole in the crank case and just rolled the bike to the most remote corner of the garage, determined I didn't wan't to see it again. Well, a couple of weeks later I've pulled the head off and I'm just about to pull the cylinder. Maybe it's the main bearing? Due to an oil pump going on strike? I don't know yet, but time will tell when I get down to the engine bottom end. I've started to look for a new crank case or maybe another engine. I don't think it will be too difficult to source one since A65's are quite common here in Sweden.

Norton Commando '71
Norton Dominator '60
BSA Lightning '69