For viewing a picture of my B31, please go to
On this site in the left side bar point on Fun Pages, a window will open, click on Customers From Around the World, then click on India. There is a brief write-up and quite a good picture of my 1956 B31, BYN 5625. (Click on the picture to enlarge.) Zubin, who has written there is the nephew of the actual owner, and was looking after the mc for the past 5-6 yrs since the owner had a medical restriction to ride. And now she's MINE !!!
Actually, I am not too keen on the paint pattern of my tank, since I don't much like that ivory band, though I am surprised to find that it doesn't look too bad in the photo! (For more on this topic please see my posts under Topic/thread, "post pictures of B31 1953-1956" started by Dick1969.)
Naozar R Garda, BSA Gold Star 350 and B31, RE Bullet 350.