Great stuff! Alex, maybe just me, but I can't see that 53, and I really want to. Guess since there are more bastardized bikes here than not, I can post these. (though to be fair, they were both waaaaayyy too far gone for any kind of resto. In the foreground is the 65 LR my buddy and I are working on. Close to completion w/ a mostly 68 t-bolt motor.
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And the black 70. With cold weather here and snow on the ground, she's going through some major changes as we speak....
Oh, anyone have a set of hornet pipes they can part with? Dont' haveta be perfect, drop me a line if you do
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'70 BSA a650t chop
'65 lighnting rocket bobber project
'69 Bonnie
'75 T160 Trident
750 honda
Suzuki 350 two stroke
other useless piles of metal