Rocker; This is neither a bobber nor a rigid but a good dependable year round rider.

I bought this 1965 A65 T/R in 1970 in Oklahoma. Even though it was only 5 years old it was a running junker with rusty high pipes and no fenders or mufflers. Strangely it had a brush painted fuel tank. Of course in those days there was a local BSA dealer so it was easy to get pipes, mufflers and the bearings, valves and rings to freshen up the engine. The same dealer painted the tank and side covers. It became my daily transport to work.

Over the years I have had it in various configurations including a few years as a hillclimb machine and the 37 year old paint job is starting to show it's age.

About ten years ago I decided to update the things that really annoyed me so I converted it to 12 volts, Boyer, Tympanium, halogen headlamp, rod damper forks and 7 inch TLS. It came with 18 inch wheels so the small TLS was the easy fit. Easy if you ignore the need for new fork sliders and regrooving of the spindle to match the cap bolts locations.

You can easily spot things wrong for 1965 but the missing bits are things I do not need and the added bits are the ones I like. I do not claim originality; after all it is a rider.

2020 update. Thanks to *** bucket my photo now longer shows very well so I have updated the shots. I have gone back to the original front forks but now with Prew damper rods and have gone back to original headlamp mounts. The original front brake is not as good as the 7" TLS I was using but it is not bad.

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The roadside repairs make for the best post ride stories.