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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: 1970 t120r rear spindle inner nut placements C.B.S 24 minutes ago
Could be wrong, but I show 21-2014 as D/S @7/16 thick
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British motorcycles in general Jump to new posts
Re: Simple solution to electronic tachometer trouble Pelle 31 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Mark Z
My conclusion, or theory at this point is that the gauge cannot tolerate voltage fluctuations.

Yes, I think the Speedhut gauge is sensitive to voltage fluctuations but I don't know if it will damage the gauge. In my case the non-resistor spark plug fooled my digital voltmeter (but not my analogue meter!) to register fluctuating and too high voltage, while the actual voltage was spot on and steady. I guess the gauge was confused in the same way.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: A65 Rear Brake Adjuster Post Kevin E 42 minutes ago
First stage of the stainless steel adjuster post for my bike. I'm going to polish it before I mill the flat on it and then wait until I have the rear brake pedal, stop light switch and associated parts in position, so that I can check the position of the adjuster screw hole before I drill and tap it.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
REAR tyre A10 plunger 350Vs400 Ignoramus 43 minutes ago
ok so its a done deal , fitted a new Mitas 350 (Check republic sp) to rear of A10 plunger had previously a 400 which was quite squared off due to previous owner lugging a side car around for 20 years..the old tyre was also real hard with age

I thought about the tyre size long and hard (and i do know the books say 350) but i decided on the 350 because i thought it would make the plunger set up less "wollowey" and more "nimble"

Man im astonished at the transformation in handling really wants to dive (under total control into corners very pleased

Im wondering what experiences Y'all have had using the 400 on the A10 rear ?

I can always take it off and put it on another bike that is crying out for a new 350 and try the 400 on the A10

probably the pervious bad handling was due to the squared off tyre rather than size ,,,,what do you think?

I chose the Mitas tyre because i liked the look of the block tread pattern.....also cause i have a contact who can get them at wholesale (yeah cheapskate i know)
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Peoples view on whats safe. Dibnah 1 hour ago
Churchill almost immediately recognised the significance of Pearl Harbour,

"> ... now confident of ultimate victory, as the United States of America were starting on full output of men and material <"

The early agreement to "Europe first" probably indicates US confidence in prevailing over the Japanese whilst prioritising Europe.
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British motorcycles in general Jump to new posts
Info- Beck Easy Start electronic ignition? Steve Erickson 1 hour ago
I was reading this old ad, and it refers to improvements, including "Beck Easy Start" digital electronic ignition; .

It states that the first 32 sparks are retarded, intended to eliminate kickback.

I can't find any information on this ignition (dunno if Beck is Beck-Arnley?, seems unlikely), and wondered if anyone has any info on it?
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Crankshaft Decisions (now with pics) TR7RVMan 1 hour ago
Hi WordMan, Vibration is always a problem with vertical twin.
When dynamic is off it burns your skin. Very un comfortable.
Balance factor I understand, but don’t have personal experience enough to say what is best.
I’ve only dynamic’d 1 motor. ‘69 Bonnie with light flywheel. A lot of metal was removed from right pork chop. I’d guess 2-3 oz. maybe more. Only a few holes drilled in flywheel. Factor 68%.

Did careful road tests before & after. Difference was dramatic. The skin burning is gone. Quite smooth 3200-3600. However getting on freeway the buzz sets in at 67mph & up. Much better than before but certainly annoying.

How does factor effect crank flex at higher rpms?

I’ve resigned myself to 360 crank cannot be smoothed how we’d like it. What Rpm does crank flex start to happen? I don’t know

MAP cycle sells 76 deg. Crank, cams, ignition. Is that a better solution? Cost of building custom motor is staggering, but it’s they only way if you have certain goals.

I know guys run these bikes 80-90 mph on the highway for hours. They don’t seem to last long though. But some say they do.

I ponder this stuff on every ride.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: '69 TBolt Shake Down Ride #2. Need Advice gunner 3 hours ago
Regarding the speedo, I've had good luck with the replica Smiths versions available on eBay. The speedo types which use a rubber binnacle need a bit of work as the replica speedo is slightly taller and rubber needs to be cut away from the base of the binnacle. Otherwise the replicas work much better than the Smiths originals and are cheap.
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Norton bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: wheel size peter paul 3 hours ago
Hi , where does the rear mudguard bolt to , i have looked everywhere and cant find any info . Thanks PP
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: 3TA v 5TA Weight, etc. C.B.S 4 hours ago
I have a few 350's here at the shop, I would say the difference from a 5TA and a 3TA would be very small in terms of weight

Only difference is smaller pistons and barrel

500 vs 350 - there is a pretty big power difference there
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Hot links forum Jump to new posts
Re: Norton Knucklehead Manx Nick H 5 hours ago
Lively bidding on this one!
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The triple forum Jump to new posts
Re: T150 Grabrail alignment Servodyne 5 hours ago
Originally Posted by L.A.B.
What you said is correct that the LH side should be the longer of the two.

Thanks for that beerchug
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: goodbye to riding Graham Ham 5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Lannis
No one's nailing that lid on yet... !


Only 'cos I can't find the bloody hammer!

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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: How does one properly shorten a control cable? BSA_WM20 7 hours ago
Done it the way Gavin describes many may times.
Gave up on shop bought cables when Omodies closed down in 1994 and have been makigng my own ever since.
Nothing fis beter than he cable you custom made to fit your handlebars.
When I can't be bothered I slip down to ConWire ( google them ) and get Mark to make me a bespoke cable.
Plenty of other cable makers out there
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: This Guy's BSA Opinion BSA_WM20 7 hours ago
Come off it Dave.Hundreds of Beesas running around that have been used & abused by owners who just bough them cause they were cheap & considered maintanance was putting fuel & oil in the bike , some times even in the right holes.
When run WFO for long times things could be a bit different, but for doing what they were intended for they were just an honest no fuss motorcycle.
I know of a lot of bikes, owned by people who are technically challenged by a screwdriver that are still running quite fine.
OTOH if you wanted to get 11 10th out of one, or are unable to accept the bike as it was accepted in the day, oil leaks & lack lustre brakes then yes you need to do a lot of fettling, on some .
Easy to critise now days when parts roll of modern computer controlled machines all identical to within 0.0001" so everything fits and is oil tight.
BAck then it was high carbon steel for the production line and high speed steel tooling for the comp shop so no two parts were ever identical .

As for the management Kohler said it all in his thsis & latter book.
It is a subject that we often ponder over & Shane nailed it decades ago.
The board was gearing up for WW III which they all knew was going to happen between the USA & the USSR any second .
Another war in which it would be happy high profit days again, that unfortunately never happened.
BY the time BSA realised this it was too late.
When looked at in this light, the sales & acuisions all make perfect strategic sense.
The government did not care what happened as BSA had paid almost no tax since the depression of the 20's when they restructured to avaoid tax.
And anything that detroyed trade unions was considered a good thing at the time.
BSA could have survived, with or without the government assistance.
Remember the non-mototcycling divisions were all very profitable ( and those still trading still are ) to the point that for 3 years their profits paid off the losse of the motorcycle division.

The BSA company is the perfect example of how consolidated capital can destroy a perfectly good business in a very short priod of time by chasing the highet possible return on capital regardless of the cost to the company .

And remember it was not the bikes that killed the company.
It was a short sell, most likely using inside information which makes ia criminal act , perpertrated by some one who was and still remains untouchable, so most likely a side member of the Royal family as their identity has been kept secret for near 50 years .
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Back in the saddle, well online saddle. KarlB 7 hours ago
Nah, Shaun, tis an MZ, always wanted one of their 660 four strokes and Mr Miles of RealClassic fame had one he didn't want anymore due to his lifestyle changes, he was going to race it but now he's back into really old veteran stuff.
I was mooching about looking for another project and couldn't decide whether to get another Brit single, an Italian on, a Japanese one, a German one etc and he piped up and says 'I've got the perfect bike' it's put together in Germany, British design, Japanese engine built in Italy, Italian suspension etc. And so the great cosmic conveyor belt creaked into action. It needed a fair bit of fettling but is now a cracker once I'd sorted out the daft carburetors. It has a little slide carb linked to a big CV carb and they'd set the slide carb up to run weak to pass emissions tests at low speeds and the the big CV to run rich to make up for it at higher revs. Of course that made the bike crap at the point were the two carbs crossed over in revs, very lumpy and not happy below 3500rpm. So with advice from the chaps from the MZRC I changed the jets to richen the mix for the slide and slightly lean it out on the CV and Bob's your auntie it will pull nice and clean now. Not a long stroke thumper like my old AJS but very short stroke, so you have to ride it a bit like a two stroke in terms of revs but it's a cracking bike to ride.

I was speaking with Graham and Ed at our recent MZRC camp in Preston (Half Moon and Seven Stars) about how we really need to get the old chaps all rounded up again for a camp after all this is done.

There's actually a bit less of me know as I've started to fight the inner Buddha...😂
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Spitfire top speed? Irish Swede 7 hours ago
My cousin Mike bought a new '67 Bonneville, a T120R street model, not a TT.. He took delivery in October of 1966.

It was the fastest Triumph in the area, but was factory stock.

Our local Triumph dealer said this was sometimes the case.
By accident, when assembled the parts are so close to ideal factory specifications that the engine is like a "blueprinted" custom-build.
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British modified/specials Jump to new posts
Re: OIF rear sets DavidP 14 hours ago
Originally Posted by Irish Swede
As for the kick-start lever: Get an extra one and with heat, bend it forward just above the mounting clamp.
Then you won't have to mess with the k/s quadrant.
Actually the kick lever hasn't proven to be a problem as it sits.
The shift lever is a bit cramped, though. It might help to have size 10 feet instead of my big dogs. Works pretty well once I'm in top gear and I can park my foot under the lever though.
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The competition forum Jump to new posts
Re: Timing on new Triumph race motor. spook 15 hours ago
Thanks guys for your help. I do have "Tuning for speed" and its my bible. I met the author at race meeting many years ago when I was a young bloke.
That was before I took racing at the age of thirty.I am 82 and still building and racing my old Triumph now in the old blokes class. They are fun meetings where one can as fast asyou like and the old blokes can go the limit. I started racing in 1968 and the Triumph, in a Manx norton frame has been a project since then. A never ending project. BTW, I have settled on 35 degrees for the ignition timing.

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The triple forum Jump to new posts
Re: Solenoid plunger and removal of starter/solenoid DMadigan 16 hours ago
I do not have any experience with the Boyer but reports say the analog version is sensitive to low voltage and 10 volts is the minimum. You have to do the secondary battery test to see if that is the case with yours. If so you may be able to fix the problem if your Boyer uses separate power leads for the box and coils. Putting a diode in series with the Boyer power lead and a capacitor across the Boyer power leads with give it reserve power when the starter is used.
I suggested the "battery eliminator" capacitor because they are readily available and conveniently mounted. You only need a general purpose diode like a 1N4001. You can solder it into th power lead to the Boyer.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: My Lightning rebuild past and current. NickL 19 hours ago
My engines tend to use a modification to re-direct the OPRV vent to the rocker/head feed.
I hate the idea of just circulating oil from the pump back to the tank without it actually doing
any work. Any oil sent up to the head aids cooling. But that's just my opinion, i've done this
for years on race and road motors. You will find on an end fed motor the OPRV is open at
anything over about 2k rpm just dumping oil into the sump and returned to tank, wasted energy
and no bloody use at all. Doing this also gets the oil up to operating temperature faster so flow
is increased.
I think Dave Madigan makes a pukka block to achieve this but i just use an old ball type valve
and run a pipe from a fitting in the end.
A setup like SRM probably had a load of problems with blokes fitting filters in the wrong place etc
and using incorrect oils so the easy way to stop that is to advise like they do. They are running
a business doing loads of these for all sorts of people, return problems need to be minimal.
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: OIF Air Filter Installation gavin eisler Yesterday at 11:46 PM
Test fit the plastic lid without the filter, I have a couple that have shrunk and dont fit around the rim properly.
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Front fender plates for '57 Ariel SQ4 Jim Hultman Yesterday at 11:38 PM

They seem to have the pedestrian slicers, but couldn't find the side mount plates for the deep C fender.

Appreciate the help!

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Vincent forum Jump to new posts
Re: Alp Sungurtekin World Finals 2020 kevin Yesterday at 10:38 PM
that is oustanding
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Not doing things by halves Shane in Oz Yesterday at 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by Stuart Kirk
Originally Posted by Shane in Oz
Amazingly, the jig must have been almost dead centre and square, because there is no obvious spot where the drill contacted the thread in the hole.
That, good sir is the golden ring you were after. Not easy to achieve. Well, well done.
Thank you for the kind words. It was quite a relief to wind the remains of the thread out. Jumping in with the freehand drilling and extractor made for a longer job in the end, but that stage is done now.
As a certain retired Physics professor said on another thread, it's now just a matter of assembly. smile

Originally Posted by Stuart Kirk
Originally Posted by Shane in Oz
I think it's time to finish off the Starlite next.
As in "push it out in the field and torch it"? Because I hear a happily running Starlite isn't easy to achieve either.
But I've never even heard one run so don't listen to me.
It takes a special kind of dedication to the odd and unusual to take on a low volume peculiarity like a Beagle/Starlite, Ariel 3 or Dandy instead of spending the time working on something more sensible like an A70.
It has its challenges, but when complete and fully sorted, there will be saucers of skim milk trembling at the thought of that raw power come to remove their skins. Full-cream milk, blancmanges or rice puddings; not so much.
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