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The Triple Forum
11 minutes ago

The o-rings needs to be compressed to affect a seal ... without distorting the somewhat soft , amal flange mounts .
Amal Premier carburetor bodies are advertised as being aluminum and not just die-cast pot-metal , so should be a little stiffer .

It should be possible to express the O-rings compression ... as a percentage of its free dimension ... based on the density of the O-ring...

Has Amal ever published O-ring compressibility ... or is squeezing a little ...but not too much ... still considered state of the art ?
9 428 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
22 minutes ago
Nuts only for me.
7 100 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
47 minutes ago
Alrighty then...........
I would very much like to know where do I get one of the originals, to press on?
Or if the one I have found (16T w/ cutback teeth) will work with the gears pictured (NOS 3rd)
That my dear Watson is the question and has yet to be answered.
Thanks for your input though, lets settle this.
Joe Dog!
9 192 Read More
BSA Gold Star Forum
2 hours ago
Interchangeability between pods of the same length? Yes. I've never seen a reference to 350-only or 500-only rods and have had them side by side year ago - no noticeable differences. (I only have '500cc' parts books to hand..)

Interestingly, the later B33's had the medium length rod from the late Zb and BB 350's..
3 76 Read More
4 hours ago
Thanks RAF940. When I read them they are bundled. Sometimes taking in other states.
4 1,928 Read More
BSA Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
That sounds like a pukka modification/solution.
13 307 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
+1 Mr Higham
57 1,073 Read More
The Competition Forum
6 hours ago
TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES Twins & Triples by Tim Remus (Motorbooks International) p66 has an image you might find useful (a close-up is shown here)

Good luck with it.

10 278 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
6 hours ago

Well that went well.

I made a tool from mild steel to insert into the rocker spindle and rotate it back into position after applying heat with said heat gun.

The simple tool I knew would possibly deform under pressure even with the heat. It did however the spindle is nicely aligned. If I were to make another (Heaven forbid) tool I would have it milled and heat treated so as not to deform, ok, bend.

So, the new stainless plates align well for both the bolt holes and the locking device.

Thanks much for the advise, you folks are great. Such a helpful community of riders and wrenches.

11 381 Read More
The Triple Forum
7 hours ago
John--you are over your PM limit.
19 441 Read More
British Modified/Specials
8 hours ago
Originally Posted by NickL
The only way you can sneak around on a beezer is by closely following a triumph!

That actually made me laugh out loud! Dammit I’ve spilt a lager.

25 4,454 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
8 hours ago
the yellow stuff from 3M can stick an ice cube to your bathwater. if there isn't a huge gap, i'd give it a try.

there is now a black 3M weatherstrip compound that is sold alongside it. while the yellow dries flexible, the black sets up harder. you can still cut it loose with a knife, but you will say bad words while you do it.
7 121 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
8 hours ago
These days if you are doing a valve job, good 46 deg seats don't need lapping at all.
Neway etc actually state that the seat should not be lapped after cutting. It took me a while
to come to terms with but it's true. I'm one of those idiots who used to finish the seats with
Bluebell or toothpaste, now just blue 'em to check and leave. Things change eh?
Although it doesn't apply to conventional seat cutting.
20 545 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
Yesterday at 11:18 PM
Just as an aside, when a ripped or open package comes down the conveyor at a PO center, the workers all raise their hands and step back about three feet. The places are way camera'd up. Once in a while management tosses a open envelope and a few twenties on to the belt, just to see what happens. Also I was thinking that the size and heft of the package may have made someone think that there was a gun in it.
Really sorry that that happened to you- I guess in other countries insurance isn't automatically done.
15 684 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 10:47 PM
I believe there is a 40' container of that Rabers stuff came out here.
Very surprised that it didn't stay in the 'states.
17 2,085 Read More
Yesterday at 09:57 PM
rough ?? lol
6 2,608 Read More
Royal Enfield Forum
Yesterday at 08:17 PM
WOW! All that from 3 numbers. Thanks a lot Chris and Al also. Will probably work towards that goal of restoring it. No it does not have the perforated discs around the drums as I have seen in pics. And since my last post I've noticed that the 68,69,70 models had attached speedo and tach. Unlike early models where they were in a formed top triple tree for mounting them. The lack of a frame brace had me thinking it might be a Connie or Meteor. But I think it must have been removed like a lot of other parts. Will have to acquaint to the world of Enfields. Kinda Stoked now. Thanks again.
5 179 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 06:37 PM
I can't remember if these have a low tension/ high tension coil vs a single coil. In any case, you can measure across the spark plug leads. You should see a few ohms there. If no ohms or infinity, you have a bad coil.

These things are dead simple as far a mags go. You should find something wrong right away.

So, has anyone seem the tach drive mounted Morris mag for unit bikes? Now, there's an idea....

11 452 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
Yesterday at 06:00 PM
I use the bottom of the 1/2 gallon plasticized paper milk cartons cut off at various lengths as disposable containers. When doing disassembly, they are great to hold fasteners. When the project is greasy, I put in a solvent and the fasteners are cleaning while you are doing something else.
25 893 Read More
Members Bike Projects
Yesterday at 04:12 PM
On the 4 cones I have removed none show evidence of a horizontal 1/8" pin going through them, the pin looks to be just lower than the bottom of the small diameter section pressed into the fork bottom. Of the four 7" Single Sided brake legs I have done this operation on, 2 were B31 legs of Gold Star vintage and 2 were B40 legs of 62 to 65 vintage. I will try and find one of the cones but only found the photo, not an actual cone. Off to the workshop to carry on looking for a cone.

When I was drilling in from below I only went in as far as needed for an allen head to clear the axle, the cones were loose in the legs as I took the legs out of the lathe, I did not need to force them in, the removal of the metal in the drilled hole and the force applied by the drilling operation was enough to release the cone from the grip of the leg. You can see the rust on the level surface that was closest to the top of the bottom insert showing it was not in direct contact with the insert.

Legs for the 8" single sided brake could be different of course, the 2 lugs for the top mudguard stay and the brakeplate torque arm are more substantial.

Found a pic of the B31 cones after removal, these look to be longer on the pressed in section.

[Linked Image]
434 610,419 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by TR7RVMan
Does stand cross brace hit the acorn nut added to bottom of sump plate?

The specific year is 1980 T140, but if you have other OIF bike with Charlies, what is your experience with stand clearance?

Yes, the stand of my '78 T140 would hit the original dome nut. A thinner nut is the answer.
3 128 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 03:01 PM
9 199 Read More
Members Bike Projects
Yesterday at 02:18 PM
Please disregard the paint questions. Yesterday I found a local media blasting company that also will paint all the parts for a decent price.

Yesterday I removed the wire harness, the headlight, the speedo/tach, and the head steadies.

With all the fasteners coming off, I did not want to mix them up so I bought storage boxes with separators. On the top of the box I used masking tape and a sharpie to label where and what the nuts and bolts go to. I hope this method will aid me when I put it back together. See pictures.

The fasteners are a mess. I am going to try soaking them in vinegar over the weekend to see if that will brighten them up.
6 246 Read More
Yesterday at 01:53 PM
0 151 Read More
Yesterday at 01:28 PM
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