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Feb 13th, 2017
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British Motorcycles in General
3 minutes ago
I have been using GTX in my bikes for many, many miles and have had no problems at all. I once miked my crank at 60k and it showed no measurable wear. Cam and tappets also showed no wear. How much better can you get???? Dick
9 140 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
10 minutes ago
looks to me like a spacer from the rockershaft.. Dick
2 39 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Tazaroo
So I have the opportunity to get a NOS Triumph seat pan for my 69 TR6C. My original is shot, rusted and had a bend from aggressive use of the grab rail. Would it be more cost effective for me to just get the nice reproduction complete seat or build off the NOS seat pan with new foam, new seat cover and piping? I always try to use original parts and I have the original grab rail so I was just wondering what you folks would do?

original nice but replacement skin/piping only thing visible
biggest headache which foam to choose and how to form without a template
without template cutting foam to the correct shape an art
all imperfections will show through the skin

if set on replacement original pan maybe buy complete seat and junk its pan
you can buy skins but good luck finding a preformed foam only

2 54 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
26 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Lannis
Rode through dust storms and rain storms in Arizona today, now in Farmington NM and knackered, a night's sleep awaits...

I've been to Farmington, too, on the way to Chaco Canyon. Don't remember now if we stayed there or Bloomfield.
We got onto the wrong road heading out of Santa Fe a couple of days later and instead of following the Santa Fe Trail via Glorieta we ended up following the Rio Grande and heading across to Cimarron via Taos and Eagle Nest. There was some quite impressive scenery there. Bents Old Fort just out of La Junta was a nice reconstruction of an old trading post, too, if you're heading "back East" that way.
13 630 Read More
Ariel Forum
28 minutes ago
Congratulations and well done.
Thanks for sharing.
Just one question, What happened to Tom ? Nothing too serious I hope.
1,676 226,822 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Rohan
It all looks a bit industrial out there,....

What else would you expect an industrial estate to look like? laughing (no, don't bother answering that)

Originally Posted by Rohan
....I'm not surprised they'd want to not admit to it.


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Ariel Forum
55 minutes ago
That's news to me - I bought some parts from them a few weeks ago smile

Still open for business !
3 542 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
Kevin and Tri,

I can certainly give it a go and it would be a quick job to check on it and re-grease as there is nothing else to take off before the cover comes off and no gasket or oil clean up to worry about.
15 205 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
1 hour ago
Liking your Commando Ludwig
14 402 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
Not sure about the 40 degrees for points thing. If there is a single timing slot in the crank then it will be tdc. If there is a second one then it will be 38 degrees.


You should find tdc accurately using whatever method is available to you. You can us piston stops and a degree disc or your dial gauge. I think your bike is too early to have the tdc slot in the crank and plug behind the cylinders. Then use a degree disc to find 38 degrees before tdc (all on compression stroke). Then you can make a mark on the alternator rotor to coincide with the pointer to be sure.

You can mount a normal degree disc on the alternator rotor or buy the special degree disc with compressed markings and a special mount that fits on the camshaft over the Pazon rotor. The latter would be good if you suspect that the alternator rotor may have moved on its centre (as suggested by Qinten) although you should see to this problem, too.

2 62 Read More
2 hours ago
right side is what i need.
8 197 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by John Healy

Down the 4 inside studs. The compression pushed it up the 2 middle studs. View the burnt on carbon on these studs.

Very Interesting. Mr Healy, if the compression is getting past the head gasket to push the oil up the two middle studs, and also into the chamber to burn the oil, would that not also cause symptoms of a blown head gasket with gas also escaping from the chamber through the same path? Or is a small amount of pressure differential "normal"?

I'm interested as I also had a little oil on my gasket when I found the mismatched rocker box/head bolts saga on my head.

Originally Posted by Reverb

...why the oil would be down from the inner nuts? They have the thicker washers.

Reverb, my head bolts had made depressions under the small washers that I had to have machined flat for the large washer to sit square/flush - it might be your problem. Good luck!
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Norton Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
I've done that Kev smile
Heard You got some new record-congrats! Typing with one hand presently...
19 700 Read More
The Competition Forum
3 hours ago
Falcon shocks, NJB shocks from Speed and Sports
4 191 Read More
The Triple Forum
4 hours ago
British Only called today to say that they had trouble finding what I ordered. Tried to sell me the 622/113 springs I already have.
Once he put his technician on the phone and I explained what I needed he found them.
That's the sort of thing I miss about not being able to visit a local shop.
11 407 Read More
BSA Gold Star Forum
5 hours ago
Where's the gravy?

Bill B...
1 39 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
If only Monty was alive smile
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British Motorcycles in General
8 hours ago

Any way you can fit them without any un-insulated part grounding against the aluminum .
the stock terminal was a 90° , right angle type thing
I believe the proper name for it is a. .. flag terminal
The crimp a 90° resembles a flag ?
Some types are flag ring and flag fork
Here's a example from lucas , of a flag ring .
[Linked Image]

And another of a forked flag crip terminal .
Just Make sure they cant spin with time and vibration , so as to cause a short .
[Linked Image]

These are not easy to find in small lots , at a good price .
Whatever you end up using
As This is a tight space
Dont wire so as to interfere with the spring
A strip of plastic , from a milk-jug , wedged between wire terminal and aluminum points hole can act as an extra insulator

2 58 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Yes, it is a bit like what the actress said to the bishop !
19 404 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:18 PM
Hey, I resemble that remark !!

Yes, I can see it, you can see it, most readers can see it.
I've had folks tell me they learned more in a few posts of argy bargy
than they learned in years of folks asking what part number their gonkulator is
17 339 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by C.B.S
Originally Posted by Mori55
I’m using shinkos on mime. They look just like the original trails Dunlop’s.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Yep! I put a set on my B40....they look the part

[Linked Image]

Nice B40! How to the Shinko's handle on the pavement?
15 328 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by ludwig
I passed trough the town of Lagiole only 2 weeks ago .
The place is full with knifeshops ..

80 4,553 Read More
BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 09:12 PM
I've just acquired a NOS A7 crank (67-0385) 72.6MM stroke. I have a spare flywheel from an A10. Is it the same as the A7? I'm sure it will need to be re-balanced.
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British Motorcycles in General
Yesterday at 07:51 PM
I have fitted LED lamps to my B31. Headlight, tail light, pilot and clocks.
Very little current draw and a really bright headlight.
I got them from here

16 318 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by Curmudgeon
I only know of the Alton kit but there are probably several other ones available.
1 44 Read More
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