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Royal enfield forum
1 minute ago
Here are 3 pictures including one of the float side. My carb has the float on the right and because the carb is angled up the float has a 7 degree angle on the connection to the carb so the float stays vertical.

The pic down the carb bore is actually via a mirror as there is very little room between carb and oil tank/frame tube.

If you need a different angle or detail then let me know.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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Triumph bulletin board
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by T120Wicklow
Originally Posted by Irish Swede
i have that information. I have a bare '67 650 frame.

I will contact you via a personal message (a PM)

Thank you.

This would probably be of interest to others on here as well, so why not post this info on the board?
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
14 minutes ago
A decent runner, need not be perfect.

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British motorcycles in general
15 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Andy Higham
I don't know the situation over in Trump land but here in UK if a company advertised something as being made in UK that was manufactured elsewhere, they would be in big trouble under trade descriptions laws and liable for fines running into tens of thousands

Nope. Not at all. But it would be nice if it was. It could be anything from put in a box or assembled in the UK and it can be claimed as made in the UK
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The Rod and Tappet
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Ob1quixote
This is the video that drives me to get a Mavic Pro, although it looks like your camera is easily as capable!

It is not mine , but Michaël's .
I asked him , and it is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro , a newer version of the Mavic Pro.
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Triumph bulletin board
51 minutes ago
Straight through silencers, with a perforated tube through glass wool inside, are quieter than open pipes.

Doesn’t look restrictive!

[Linked Image]
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Triumph bulletin board
1 hour ago
Thanks, Nick. You see? Good information and clarifications have emerged in response to the folkloric poppycock that I posted. I always try to go back and edit or delete the rubbish parts of my posts.
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The competition forum
1 hour ago
BTW, LTA have posted lots more pics on their FB page, including several more of the Ninja 250, PRT's BSA, a Norton, and a triple. I can copy and re-post for FB boycotters if there's any interest

Didn't see any of kevin's blown (and I don't mean supercharged) Triumph..
65 2,645 Read More
The competition forum
2 hours ago
i havent split the cases yet, spent yesterday ordering parts. but its possible that the crank can be repaired in time. ill pull it tonight and box it up so guy in michigan who made it can look it over.

barb at megacycle has turned over answering the telephone to her daughter lisa. another tradition ends.

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Bsa gold star forum
2 hours ago
I had a short length of 4½"-dia Teflon rod that was perfect for making the tapered inlet. Since 3-angle valve jobs have been researched extensively for maximizing flow I decided I'd use those values. After boring the hole the same ID as the inlet to the port, I then cut 15°. 30° and 45° tapers. To avoid having the mounting studs project into the flow I carefully measured their lengths and then drilled to just those depths, relying on a tight slip fit over the studs to hold it in place. This mounting scheme worked very well as can be seen from the second and third photographs, with the Teflon pushed just slightly into the taper at the studs. With the tapered inlet in place, a quick measurement showed that near full lift the head flowed ~6% more than the bare head so having it does make a difference.

After entering the results into the program I then read the manual to find it bases its calculations only on the flow results at the value of lift corresponding to the ratio of lift to valve diameter = 1/4 (i.e. L/D=0.25), noting that once that point is reached the area of the inlet port rather than the area around the valve is what limits the flow. Since the inlet valve is 1.85" that's a lift of 0.46". This means all the time I spent measuring the flow at lower lifts was wasted, at least as far as the program is concerned, and I only needed to have measured the flow at a lift of 0.46" (I stopped at 0.404"). Oh well, live and learn. Actually, my "iterative" process is deliberate since by quickly running through the entire set of measurements and calculations I learn what I need to spend time on, and what requires less attention.

L/D explains why the program helpfully asks me if I've made a mistake with the valve diameter because it appears to be too large. Also, the lift of 0.46" for L/D=0.25 is close to the 0.442" lift of the Clubman cam (0.404" for the Catalina), which is consistent with the valves having been optimized for the Clubman engine and simply reused on the Catalina without further optimization for the smaller inlet tract and lower max. rpm (6500 vs. 7000).
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Bsa bulletin board
2 hours ago
Unlike bikes where the kickstarter turns the clutch chainwheel, BSA's kickstarter turn the transmission mainshaft which directly turns the clutch center and pressure plate. With the tranmission in neutral and the clutch disengaged (pulled in) only the center will turn. It's good practice to always pull in the clutch and kick the kickstarter a few times to ensure the clutch spins free before starting the bike.

As mentioned before, don't expect the clutch to always spin free on first kick, especially when it's been sitting for some time. It's normal for them to stick a bit.
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Three state mountain ride forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by No Name Man
Well, I guess a blurry MikeG is better than no MikeG at all

I think that MikeG maybe had a few too many that evening, and that's why he was blurry .... ? I've seen it happen to others ....

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The Rod and Tappet
2 hours ago
Riding and driving on roads used by others can be dismal; one of the advantages of trundling around on older bikes is that it takes longer to catch up with the convoys of slower vehicles. Sometimes, I am riding the slower vehicle.
38 2,013 Read More
British motorcycles in general
4 hours ago
Count me in the "don't do it" camp.

Several years ago, I did line one tank with Caswell, Honda CB77, it was a pain, particularly in this flat-sided tank, really four vertical walls:

[Linked Image]

If the temperature is relatively cold, you have more time to work with, but the Caswell will hardly flow. Warmer, for better flow, and it sets up fast, and you have less working time. And as mentioned, heavy. That was a few years ago. As far as I know, the sealer is still holding (the fellow I sold the bike to was riding a Moto Giro and lost third gear, so the bike is parked).

Someone with more patience and superior SKAs may find it easier to apply.

The shop I go to media blasts tanks, solders the filler neck, pressure tests, and welds any leaks:

Previously lined tanks go on the grill:

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The triple forum
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by DavidP
I just installed the oil-pressure gauge kit from Triples Unlimited, $123 direct.
A nicely made piece of kit. Installation took about an hour, and no leaks.
Showed 90psi on startup, can't wait to see what it shows hot.

I have the one with speedo/tach bracket, very well made.
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Triumph bulletin board
4 hours ago
...ok, I will try again.

Hi DavidP, the N5 are the ones that go in the T140E with MKII; This is a T140E with these MKII inspired carburetors.
28 791 Read More
6 hours ago
Any of those New Englanders still planning to visit the Ohio Valley in a couple of weeks?
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Triumph bulletin board
6 hours ago
Well I agree with you on that. It was Reverb, I think, who seemed to imply that single carbs were only good for pottering around slowly (sorry if I misunderstood you on that Reverb). The engine has a 70-9989 exhaust cam, 71-7017 (standard) inlet cam, 9:1 or so compression, T140D exhaust system without any silencer (I recommend this setup - releases a lot of otherwise stifled power), carb jetted to suit. No fairing, 'western' bars and me hanging onto them in my Belstaff coat like a parachute! I've had it over 110 on the clock, but that is a fraction over 100 in reality. I never crouch down for extra speed as that reminds me of kids on mopeds.

I'm building a similar engine but with a twin carb head in racer style. This will have a small (Ducati 900SS style) fairing, clip ons, rearsets etc. It'll be interesting to see how fast that'll go. I reckon well over 120 with the right gearing.
47 1,229 Read More
Triumph bulletin board
8 hours ago
Originally Posted by NickL

Originally Posted by Allan Gill

I think your looking at the coils in the wrong way. There isn't actually a 12v coil and a 6v coil they are actually 4 ohm and 2 ohm coils but as 4 ohm coils were traditionally used on 12v ignition systems and 2 ohm on 6v systems you can see where they get the term 6 and 12 volt coil from.

With that in mind, EI are supposed to work with 3-4.5 ohm coil resistance. Hence using 2x 2 ohm coils in series to add up to 4 ohms. ( You could also use a dual output coil of 3 or 4 ohms). If you use 2x 2 ohm coils in parallel you would half the resistance so would give you 1ohm.... So don't do that.

The reason for the ballast resistor is to increase the total resistance to try and acheive 4-4.5 ohms.
If you have a 3 ohm dual output coil for example you can fit a 1.5 ohm ballast resistor in series. The black box won't be as stressed as it's only receiving a total resistance of 4.5ohm, but the coil is only using 3ohms and will generate a stronger spark (in theory) than a 4 ohm coil.

A stronger spark will help to burn a richer mixture. But most likely what you'll find is that the plug will steadily soot up till the bike stalls and won't start again until you've changed the plugs.. as your quite possibly boarder line with your jetting this could take some time. Maybe a few hundred miles.

This is not entirely correct, please do not read this as 'gospel'. It's fine as a guide but that's all.

Nick your right, the last paragraph should probably say "In theory a stronger spark should help burn a richer mixture", the bit after it was from my own experience and relates to the jetting and not the EI. Actually to add to that if it is doing the above then your probably about 2 slides too rich.

The details on the coil resistance - balanst resistor etc is as best as I can explain it (or understand it)
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British motorcycles in general
13 hours ago
Good point on the vinegar! I’ve used a bit of wire wool before now to remove the worst then fit, what’s still on is on. Fit dry and never had a problem. But all at the risk of having it work harden slightly when I’ve done that.
As I say Mark, don’t overlook the flatness of the head or the barrel. I’ve not found a barrel yet which is still totally flat.
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Bsa bulletin board
13 hours ago
Cool! If you have those down pipes de-chromed you can weld the dents up, snd them back and you’ll never know they were dented. Obviously have them chromed again.

That cylinder head will look sweet vapour blasted also. Keep up the good work!
58 5,923 Read More
Hot links forum
13 hours ago
That bike is soooo original.
(Although the tires thankfully have been renewed at some point)
(And the grabrail behind the seat is missing).

It even has the mutes in the ends of the peashooter mufflers.
So even the mufflers are original.

The question is of course is what will it take to make it into a good rider ?

[Linked Image]
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The Rod and Tappet
15 hours ago
I run everything from 7.5 to 10.11, but I only surf on the Macbook Pro running 10.11 (that's 9 years old and still works fine.)
G5 with 10.5 runs my audio apps, G4 runs 10.4 and my graphics, and I still have an old 8100 with 7.5 for an audio editing app which is still more precise than the newer apps on the G5.
Get this, they all talk to each other on the same network.
I have a couple of old PCs in the closet, where they belong.
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Hot links forum
15 hours ago
0 30 Read More
Hot links forum
16 hours ago
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