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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: "Spitfire" NickL 14 minutes ago
Although i loved the the v's and H's etc. Politics was the big problem, Frank Whittle's jets could
have been powering stuff much earlier and avoided a lot of deaths. Even when available the Brit
jets were not allowed to see combat over europe for fear of technology falling into enemy hands.
Yet they pushed the underdeveloped Typhoon into service and killed plenty of pilots.
Like the mosquito, far too few of those were produced really, a brilliant plane that could carry a
fair bomb load at twice the speed of most bombers and once dropped were faster than most
fighters. But when as a country you squander thousands of men in support of treaties and allegiances
such as the BEF being sent to europe when it was, all a political show and a huge waste of resource.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: A65 - fitting a cylinder barrel to a crank case Lars Haglund 21 minutes ago
Thanks, Gavin. I will try that. I will also check the collars on the studs once more. I didn't pay enough attention when I disassembled the Engine regarding the studs. When starting assembling again I had 6 studs with collars(from 3 different Engines in the same box..) and dimension at the collars varies between 9,1- up to 9,5mm. I used the 2 which was closest to 9,5mm but on this Engine it might have been some of the smaller ones from the start. Anyone have any information about which size is the original diameter of the collar and if BSA could have grinded them down from the start when needed? Anyone else experienced the same problem as me when fitting the barrel?
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Bsa gold star forum Jump to new posts
Re: GS bearing support plate chaterlea25 32 minutes ago
Hi Gordo,
My refs show that the GS 350 did not get the plate until the CB32 engines, is that true?

I have a set of early BB32 2** cases that do not have the plate

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Bsa gold star forum Jump to new posts
Re: Catalina Cam question NYBSAGUY 46 minutes ago
Very interesting. Yes, quite a difference. I feel another call to Phil Pearson coming on. The 2446 cam is "only" $150, mas o menos..

I don't have the build sheet for my bike. A very good idea, I'll see about getting one.
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Britbike decal forum Jump to new posts
Re: decal sealant question rocketgoldie 49 minutes ago
Hi you can use model varnish on waterslide transfers.
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The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Veterans Day GrandPaul 50 minutes ago
The third generation is keeping it going...

[Linked Image from]

(leaving us in the dust, actually)
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Britbike decal forum Jump to new posts
Re: rich child cycle co decal position rocketgoldie 51 minutes ago
Hi i have the decal in stock its a waterslide transfer.
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Offset woodruff keys for cams? MarksterTT 57 minutes ago
Exactly, and might lead me to want to move it (timing) a couple more degrees in that direction just to experiment. Anyway, altering the gears or adding a slot or two is no longer an issue for me thanks to our discussion. I even went through some tooling I recently inherited and found a broach set called the Minute bad it skips 5/32" but it does have flanged bushings and I will be able to sleeve the 3/4" diameter bushing to 13/16" to fit the reamed cam wheel. Now to go on the internet to get that cheap 5/32" Chinese broach I saw yesterday. Mark
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Intake Spigots, 67 T120 R Moulding 1 hour ago
One of mine was the same, I split the lock nut with a cold chisel, then clamped the manifold in the vice with soft jaws. Warmed the head with a torch and unscrewed the head from the intake stub.

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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: T120 Cylinder Head Thickness Unit Engines TR7RVMan 3 hours ago
Hi Denis, On the '69 Bonnie head the thick point is 2.799", the thin is 2.790".

Thick in front by .009". Side to side taper is .003". This all the inner 4 large bolts. Center bolt is 2.318".

The outside bolts don't really count. Outside bolts are thickest 2.786", thinnest 2.780". outside bolts are thinner in front. Just the opposite of the rocker box surface bolts.

This is about how my '73 Tiger is also. I'll have to dig deeper in log to find it though. Both my Tiger & the '69 work perfectly in real life. No leaks or rocker, valve issues.
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Velocette forum Jump to new posts
Re: Alton electric starter kit tommycool 3 hours ago
Hi Eric, I have an Alton Starter system fitted to my Thruxton, I have had a few issues with it so now I only use it if my bike refuses to start after 10+ kicks. I would suggest if you have a Viper or a Venum in a low state of tune it may be okay but you will need to set the bike up as if you were going to kickstart it (the Velo procedure) then pull the valve lifter in wizz it over on the starter and gradually let the vave lifter go. But remember you will need to be spot on with carb settings and the timing as one kickback will reck it! also stop only on the valve lifter! I have retarded mine an extra 2 degrees to prevent backfire ..... hope this helps cheers Tom
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: 650 to 750 swap TR7RVMan 3 hours ago
Hi Stein, We'll just have to disagree on the rods. Dave had a loose small end bush. Against recommendations, honed rod, replace bushing with over sized. Squared & rod & honed bushing. Was fine for a while. Riding down highway 70 mph 110f day rod fractured below wrist pin & went through right case.

Beautiful matching #s '70 TR6R. Since was matching #s fix was find donor right case, line bore & deck at great expense, but still worth it as value of non matching # here is so low. 2 new Harris rods. Good for several thousand miles now. Still riding in 110f on exact same road. This bike was never abused.

This is not at all uncommon here. Maybe it's the heat that gets to the motors.

Overheated rods where alloy is blackened & gets a rough texture are at risk. I wonder if the rods are overheated when pistons melt or detonation fractures pistons. Modern fuel in California is a Triumph killer. It must be accommodated for.
76 2,111 Read More
Velocette forum Jump to new posts
Wanted Indian Velo 500 tommycool 3 hours ago
Wanted an Indian Velo 500, the bike will be used not stored (thats what it was made for) if you know of one or own one for sale please contact me, reasonable price paid, UK based.
email : [email protected] cheers Tom
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Tapping aau With Brass Drift quinten 3 hours ago

the underlying issue is
the 4ca points cam profile is marginally suitable for 12 volt work .

the the 86-degree cam profile ... worked well enough with 6 volts .
But when they doubled the voltage to 12volts , lucas , bsa ... Triumph
Encountered enough real-world problems like
bsa's holing Pistons and Triumph pistons suffering soft seizures .
( I think it was a bigger BSA problem ... but both companies have service bulletins "about the problem")

the cam was redesigned , not specifically for dwell time ,
But so that errant sparks , at ramp close , happened at a safer piston position .
the 6ca cam is 160degs ... so any errant Sparks are wasted more safely.
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British motorcycles in general Jump to new posts
Re: What Cafe Racer Seat? Allan Gill 3 hours ago
I’ve seen the rob north type seats on singles and twins and they don’t look right in my opinion, the middle seat in particular was for the A50 Daytona racer and similar to the Manx and other ones of that style. There might be different ones of different widths. I’d imagine the Manx would be quite wide.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: B31/B33 crankcases. Gordo in Comox 4 hours ago
This is what I think is a DBD case for comparison. As well some close ups for comparison between ZB GS and BB31/33.


Click to enlarge

[Linked Image from]

These photos show the bolt area of ZB GS case that I think the BB31/33 case just does not have. I do not think a BB31/33 case could be machined for the GS bearing plate bolts

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Triumph Cams thru 1969 HawaiianTiger 4 hours ago
If I'm not mistaken, Triumph themselves used the 3134/3325 combo on the first Bonnies.
I had this on my '62 and it made very nice power.
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Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: A65 Fork Tubes Ignoramus 4 hours ago
i misread it as 1' not POINT 1 " (usually written 0.1 ) the decimal point is practically invisible on new *hit monitors.

but yep 0.1" is fine, sorry for confusion.
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Bsa gold star forum Jump to new posts
Re: Front brake suggestions requested DBDBrian 4 hours ago
Thanks Gunner, In answer to your question, the original spoke flange is pressed into the drum, I made a centre shouldered sleeve, which carries both drums.
[Linked Image from]

I have attached a couple of mock up drawings of the hub / spindle arrangement.
[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

Re the L/H lever / cam operation, the effect is the same, as the drum is rotating anti-clock viewed from the plate.

I have considered TLS plates, which a mate will CNC machine from billets. The drawing / programme for the plates still needs a little tweaking before making a start, but other commitments keep getting in the way, and then of course there is the extra weight to consider.

[Linked Image from]
Front face

[Linked Image from]up images
Rear face
This is the R/H plate, the programme only need reversing for the L/H version

[Linked Image from]upload a photo and get url

I have two billets ready

Yes, good cables and there alignment play a big part in brake performance, the gold star clip-ons use the short 7/8" pivot levers.
37 3,545 Read More
Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: BSA dealer decal....ON the bike Irish Swede 5 hours ago
Sorry, rocketscientist. My mistake.
5 154 Read More
Triumph bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: points plate position? Curmudgeon 7 hours ago
Question for Dave Jones above.
Are you able to time your bike with a timing light or do you have to do it manually? I know that '67 didn't even have the inspection cover on the primary to access the alternator but many have been upgraded to the later style just for ease of timing.
12 321 Read More
The Rod and Tappet Jump to new posts
Re: Is syngas the answer? BSA_WM20 10 hours ago
Originally Posted by Lannis
Originally Posted by BSA_WM20
Originally Posted by DavidP
Maybe some genius can figure out how to leech the petroleum back out of all the plastic in which everything is packaged these days.

If it works then we will be importing waste plastic to make sleepers and stop cutting down 500 year old tress to make sleepers that last about 5 years .

Five hundred year old trees to make railway sleepers and mine props? Someone's gone spare - a 500 year old hardwood is worth 100 times as much as a 25 year old loblolly pine, which are raised on pine plantations and constantly renewed, making oxygen as they grow, and which is what we use for railway ties. A pine tree sells for about $10 off the stump - a massive oak, probably $2000 here at home, and if you find a Japanese buyer who is looking for a 40" wide, 20' long, 6" thick piece of clear white oak to help renew an ancient temple, you can name your own price ....


You got lots of pine & furs.
We have Aussie hardwoods
Like everything that is not regulated when you have a lot of it you waste it.
The hardwood will last 200 years as building framing but as railway sleepers the termites get into it real quick.
We used to creosote but apparently that is not good for the enviroment so we banned it.
I often hink Australians are the most stupid people on the planet , well government officals at any case.
119 3,376 Read More
Bsa bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Replacing valve guides. B44 Mitch 13 hours ago
the wobble method for checking clearance... very subjective. best to measure
4 216 Read More
Norton bulletin board Jump to new posts
Re: Commando saga continues... Rohan 15 hours ago
I don't know, I've not looked for that.
If there are deposits on the spark plugs, wouldn't those same deposits get onto the valve guides anyway ?

There was a very thin black deposit on the piston tops and on the combustion chamber walls,
although it was such a mere trace of oil burning I don't know if it would burn off on a run.

Have someone ride behind you, and see if it puffs a trace of blue smoke when you close the throttle -
thats when you see valve guide smoke, when it pulls a big vacuum above the pistons.
7 186 Read More
Hot links forum Jump to new posts
61 BSA Super Rocket, California $15,000 franko 20 hours ago
0 89 Read More
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