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Basic membership vs PREMIUM/GOLD membership! Morgan aka Admin 05/19/20 3:45 pm Do you have a free basic membership or have you upgraded to get extra benefits and to support your favorite British motorcycle forum?
This forum has been online since 1996 thanks to our members!
Times flies really when you have fun and supportive members!
As a basic free member you can do a lot of things within the forum however you can do more when upgrading.. Here are a few extras.

PREMIUM/GOLD membership extras..
Can upload photos/images with posts: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold membership YES
Can view member profiles: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Can email posts to others: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Max length of signatures: basic member 255 vs Premium/Gold member 600
Max private topics in PM: basic member 10 vs Premium/Gold member 50
Max private posts in PM: basic member 10 vs Premium/Gold member 50
Can create calendar events: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Can specify a remote avatar: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Can upload an avatar: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Can set a custom title: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Can write in the ShoutChat box: basic member NO vs Premium/Gold member YES
Must use reCAPTCHA when posting: basic member YES vs Premium/Gold membership NO

[Linked Image] PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is for one year and it is from now on a recurring membership
[Linked Image] GOLD MEMBERSHIP is for five years and it is a NON-recurring membership

If you have not upgraded yet here is your chance to make a difference! Pick your choice!

Thanks for your support!
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Forum Moderators needed! Morgan aka Admin 04/15/20 9:49 am We are seaking dedicated BritBike forum members who are willing to help keeping the forum clean from posts that are not following our rules.
Posts that are not following the rules should be unapproved/deleted and the poster should be notified. in some cases even banned. Banning decision is up to the admin to decide.
As a moderator you are expected to not only follow our rules but also to be fair when you act as our moderator.

Some of the boards are easier to moderate than others. If you are interested to join as moderator your account will be lifted to moderator lever for that forum and you will also join the moderators forum so that you can discuss issues with ohter moderators.

If you have more than one forum that you like to moderate feel free to apply for multiple forums.
You can PM me or write a reply here

Following forums are available to join.

- Britbike remembrance forum
- The Rod and Tappet
- British motorcycles in general (New moderator is Jon W. Whitley)
- The triple forum (New moderator is Tridentman)
- British modified/specials (New moderator is GrandPaul)
- Ariel forum
- Royal enfield forum (New moderator is royaloilfield)
- Velocette forum

Looking forward to hear from you!

Forum rules
Britbike Forum is a website for Vintage British Motorcycle Enthusiasts.
We are a community of people who own or have owned or work on or simply are enthusiastic about British motorcycles. If you have any interest learning or teaching about British motorcycles, this is the place for you.

BritBike forum was founded with the idea that a lightly moderated site would allow its members to enjoy talking intelligent discussions without the free-for-all anarchy of an un-moderated site. On BritBike forum all active members have a voice; however, within most community forums there are rules which create a foundation for acceptable behavior. Failure to adhere to these limitations can result in a loss of posting privileges.

Registration to our forum is free. We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.

Considering the real-time nature of the discussion forums, it is impossible for us to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the contents of posted messages and are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. All messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of BritBike forum or any entity associated with BritBike forum. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify us immediately.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, disrespectful or otherwise violative of any laws. You agree that the administrative staff of BritBike forum reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread, private message, forum, social group, or any other aspect of the site for any reason we see fit. You agree that the administrative staff has the right disable, ban, delete, or modify user accounts for any reason.
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Portal page enabled Morgan aka Admin 03/10/20 1:16 pm The Portal page is now enabled which is the landing page for BritBike Forum.
While there you can read about forum news and also see some information in the right column.
The right column is disabled elsewhere.

In order to visit all forums or boards simply click on Forums between the bars above.
To get back here just click on the Portal link.

Enjoy your BritBike forum!
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BritBike forum updated to version 7.7.4 Morgan aka Admin 03/09/20 10:34 am UBB.threads 7.7.4 Changelog

Primary Changes In This Release
Likes system with Likes summary pages for threads and users.
Major updates to the UBBT77 and UBBT77-Dark forum styles.
Post sharing menu for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Email.
Quick Search within the navigation-bar.
Threaded Mode topic tree updates.
Fixed new private message indicator.
Updated Member Profile page.
Posts can now be unapproved.

Summary of Changes
[NEW] Posts can now be Liked. Settings are available to set how many per 24hr period, if they can like their own posts, display who else has liked the post.
[NEW] Complete Like summary page is available per thread, posts, and for each user.
[NEW] Post Likes are removed when a member account is deleted.
[NEW] Post Share drop-down menu has been added to each post. This menu includes: Copy post link to clipboard, Email Post, Report Post, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
[NEW] Posts from Ignored Users will now be completely hidden and replaced with a link to toggle its display, for if the blocking member chooses to view it.
[NEW] Users can toggle password visibility for login form input.
[NEW] Quick Search within the navigation-bar will now present a drop-down entry box for easier searching.
[NEW] Topic Tree for Threaded Mode display now marks the current post, and highlights any unapproved posted within the thread.
[NEW] Follow List Editor (Forums, Threads, Users) now have "Select All" and "Unselect All" buttons for easier management.
[NEW] Posts can now be Unapproved. This is useful for when moderators want to put a post "on hold" without pausing the entire thread for everyone.
[NEW] Unapproved posts are now preceded with a notice of the post status and a link to the "CP:Approve Posts" list page. A moderator may optionally choose to edit the individual post to approve it from that page also.
[NEW] Custom Islands are now each wrapped in their own custom div ID which is based on their island number in the CP (ex: div id="island2" would target Custom Island #2. They can now easily be targeted through CSS as desired.
[NEW] Upgrader will now recommend that if you are using styles from an older UBB.threads install, you should replace them with their current version. An additional step can automatically add the new style versions to your forum for you. They will be installed but they will not be active until you activate them within the forum Control Panel. You may skip and continue to the next upgrade step, but it is recommended that you update your styles, fixing any display errors which were since corrected.

[UPDATE] Member Profile page has been updated to clean up and improve its data presentation.
[UPDATE] Show/Hide Column(s) toggle has been moved to the Navigation Bar.
[UPDATE] Forum Help (FAQ) has been moved to the Footer bar.
[UPDATE] Forum search has been moved to the navigation-bar top-right.
[UPDATE] Show/Hide Columns has been moved to the navigation-bar top-right.
[UPDATE] Post Buttons for "Email Post" and "Report Post" have been moved to the Post Share drop-down menu. This creates addition space for the "Like" button and improves display on thin displays, such as smaller smart phones in portrait layout.
[UPDATE] Mailer has had several language strings updated and corrected.
[UPDATE] Gallery Islands now display the gallery title and gallery author with the image thumbnail.

Let see if any of you members likes this upgrade.. wink
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BritBike forum upgraded to version 7.7.3 Morgan aka Admin 08/06/19 2:09 pm A new update with some real good features
like attached images can now be inserted in the text.
There are a lot more but most of it is for the eyes of your admin.. wink

[NEW] Members can now login using their Email Address or Login Name. The Membership Registration settings should be configured to use a unique email address per account. Accounts with the same Email Address will need to use their Login Name for logging in.
[NEW] Attached images can now be embedded directly in to posts from the Attachment Manager by clicking on the attachment's thumbnail image.
[Linked Image]
[NEW] Attachment Manager will now update JPG image orientation according to the EXIF data stored within it. This feature affects new attachments and requires the PHP function exif_read_data to be enabled. Image orientation fixes cannot be applied If exif_read_data is not available or you are not using ImageMagick.
[NEW] Option to display a download button when showing images in the Lightbox. It is displayed next to the "rotate" and "close" buttons. If enabled, a user with access to view attachments/galleries can easily download the full size image. Through the user's browser settings, they can choose to save the image or view it within their device's chosen viewer. The default is disabled.
[NEW] ShoutChat now displays an "intro" in its header. This can be used to display brief chat rules or guidelines. It is customizable in the language file. If left blank, it will be hidden. If desired, it can also be styled per Custom Style within the Extras section of the Style Editor. Its class name is "shoutintro".
[NEW] Forum Search's search keyword box now displays a help window giving some advanced search formatting tips.
[NEW] Files attached to posts will now display their file size next to their file name and download counter.
[NEW] Error & Not Found pages now display a search box which will allow the user to enter keywords for searching the forum through the Forum Search page.

[NEW] Attached images within posts will be hidden from the Grouped and Inlined images set. This reduces redundancy and provides additional features such as placing select attached images behind a spoiler tags, or attaching post styling elements such as an introduction graphic.
Note: Each embedded image attachment expects that you will use your post to describe your images, therefor they will not display descriptions created within the Attachment Manager. Attachments that are not embedded will continue to use descriptions and will continue to be presented in the lightbox player.
[NEW] Attachment Manager will now display a loading animation until its completely loaded.
[NEW] Social Profiles have been added.
[NEW] All Email & URL entries are now checked to have valid Email & URL formatting upon entry.
[NEW] Portal and Active Topics pages now have an Expand/Collapse toggle for long posts.
[NEW] Group Images on profile pages and post author sections now display the group name upon mouse hover-over.
[NEW] Group Images display option now lists the group name next to the image and upon hover-over.
[NEW] Identicons are now an option which can be used for posts made by members without avatars or anonymous users. This can be globally enabled/disabled for members or anonymous posters from within the "Control Panel > Profile Settings > Avatars" page. When disabled, the poster's avatar, when they have custom avatar set, will be the initial-icon. These avatars are only displayed next to their post content, in the author information section.
[NEW] Search will now populate fill in the "Keyword Search Term" entry box from data name/value pair (?q=Hello+World) appended to its URL. This is useful for sites utilizing their own search text input box in headers or content islands prior to landing on your forum's search page.
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