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Q. Why Britbike's Donation Service?

A. is a free non-commercial website. We don't sell our own products or services, except from Website Regalia now and then. To make the site possible, we accept help from Britbike-related companies who wish to advertise their own products or services. However, this is not totally sufficient, and sometimes individuals have made donations to help keep the site going. We have received several inquiries from individual members who wish to contribute something to help keep the site available for all of us, and we hope we have found an easy way for you to do that. The way it is set up, you can either become a subscriber and contribute a small amount over a regular period, or you can donate any amount on a one-time basis. Because of processing costs, we ask that donations or subscriptions be for a minimum of US$5.00. So for less than the cost of a head gasket you can help to keep the Britbike site going!


Q. How will spend the contributions?

A. First of all we have to pay the Domain and traffic bills, then we look for new software to increase the services to our Britbike-riding visitors. Without our sponsors, the Britbike site could not exist any more. It was fun to create and run the website in 1996, but after a few years and many many hours of work, and with bills which could have bought us several nice British motorcycles or vacations, the decision was to close down unless we could run it with advertising funds. It was a good decision, and the site has grown thanks to all of you who buy our regalia, and to all of our private and commercial sponsors. Costs continue to increase, and that is why we are trying to make it easier for members to help out the site financially.


Q. This is a big change. How will this effect us when we use the site?
A. There will not be any difference. This is totally voluntary, and not required in any way. It is simply a request to help contribute if you can and wish to do so. Everyone is still welcome and encouraged to participate regardless of whether they can contribute or not. The only difference you may see will be an increase in services of the site as we expand! Thank you, and please consider a donation or subscription to your Britbike site. It's appreciated, and we will all benefit from it!
Q. What credit cards can we use
A. See after you click on the donate link! Advertiser - Click here for a visit! Advertiser - Click here for a visit!