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Classic Bike Magazine Dirt Track Series "1970's Singels"

Mike Gilkey 1999 AHRMA Champion "70's Singels Class"

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B50 right side
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B50 left side
Mike Gilkey 1999 AHRMA Champion in 70's singles class
Rider Mike Gilkey wrapped up the 70's singles class championship
in AHRMA for 1999 based on the 10 best finishes during the year.
With six wins there was no doubt and Mike showed those far easth
makes that BritBike's still rule....;o)
>>>A giant Congratulation to Mike and §tan who made this happen.
Well done! Morgan BSA PitStop editor<<<
Photos from the races
gilkey.jpg (18141 byte) Gilkey jumping and winning 
AHRMA "TT" National at Peoria, 1999
BSA B50Honda Hills, Thornville OH August 28th, 1999
Mike Gilkey takes the leading potition on 2nd lap
hondahills4_small.jpg (1160 bytes)Coming ut of the corner
"front wheel up and spinning rear"
The BSA B50 Bike story
Story by §tan Millard.
I built the frame in 1979 primarily to run at Santa Fe Park speedway in Chicago, Il. At the time it had a steel swingarm because aluminium swingarms weren't in very big supply yet to find used ones in salvage yards. In 1985 the GPZ750 Kawasaki was way faster than a lot of the people riding them and a good supply  of used swingarms became available. I jigged  up the steel arm and cut apart the GPZ unit and welded it back together to fit the BSA. It is no lighter than the steel one it replaces but is W A Y stronger. Current AMA national number 45, Jimmy Sumner has been the most successful rider of this bike. In his first year of professional racing, he made over twice the number of class advancement points  necessary. In his 2ed year he went to ride another teams 600 / 750 class bike but problems on that team caused him to ride the BSA some still and he made half of his expert points riding the 500 BSA. If fact, his junior year, he won every heat race he rode the BSA, never got less than 3ed in a feature race, and we had no DNFs. In 1989, current national number 84, Brian Kromroy became the last rider in AMA history to earn his junior class advancement points on a BSA with this bike against mostly Rotax powered cycles. In 1990, Sumner rode it a few more times and then it's sat on my back porch until this past February when we put gas and oil in it and went to the AHRMA Florida series with it. After having a good time there, we decided to run most of the rest of the series and despite having some problems relating to setting around for nearly 10 years, we are currently back in the 70's singles point lead thanks to inspired riding by Mike Gilkey, who as national # 43 in 1981 Rode the bike @ Ascot park in California in the "TT" national. Mike hadn't ridden in 15 years when he and the B50 were reunited this year 1999).  So far, we're having a ball.
§  (the tuner formerly known as Stan) :-)
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