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star.gif Gordon Gray
North Wilkesboro NC, U.S.A
#1 BSA PitStop Enthusiast


Gordon Gray is a true
BSA unit single enthusiast. He has been riding BSA's since the sixties and is nowadays also one of BSA PitStop's most devoted visitors.

Gordon said in 1998 that "Your site has been a great help and comfort......I have learned more in the last couple of months than I ever knew before. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work....."
Gordon is well known by our other visitors they all spend lots of time in helping others out on BSA Bulletin board. In 1998 he also started to raise funds to help out with the website. The first thing was to send private contributions and then to start working on BSA PitStop T-shirts. He helped out with the designs and came up with the idea of having a design contest. Gordon gave the shirts real life by printing, packing and shipping them around the world. One of the designs is on this picture. several visitors sent photos on themselves in the shirts, look at those photos here. Gordon repeated this for the year 2000 and by then our visitors had 480 design/colors/size options. Recently Gordon also helped our website to do a review on a newly introduced BSA book "The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual".


Gordon also designed a BritBike & BSA PitStop millennium pin as a gift to the website.

Gordon is also a devoted trials rider.
He is now working on a BSA
Trials, it's unit single of course.

Ed's note.
"The BSA single will surely make him enjoy his trials riding even more than this little 125cc H***a ever could".

Hmm... have I been out riding to long? better take a look at my Hamilton BSA watch.


See Gordon's New BSA Trials bike in action (2002)

Gordon with his children Booth and Barbara
BSA PitStop & thanks Gordon Gray with family for their true support. Without your support the site would not be where it is today. Thank You very much!














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