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Private contributors & Sponsors

Several of BritBike Forums members have been helpful in finding parts and also in the restoration process.


Misc Private sponsors
Canada: Comox BC, USA: Don Bachtel CA, Steve McGee KA, Sweden: Sten Carlsson, Conny Läbom


Alistair Godfrey, Bristol UK

Al is not a sponsor but sold me the project bike. Al wrote to me in Sep, 2006. Morgan - If you are interested I have an original 1957 BB32R flat track bike in the UK , it's frame number is BB32R.473 Original not a re-stamped or replica frame - the 5th from last ever made. Has correct DBD34GS motor. Check out what happen.


Adrain Moss UK

Adrian searched and found McDermotts 1954 Daytona Oiltank


Dave Kath, Nevada USA

Is one of the Gold Star guys and a long time BritBike member. Dave helped out to find a proper 8" front hub at Rabers. Dave also had a rear hub and restored both before shipping it to me in Sweden. Dave is a great help.


Dick Mann Nevada USA

Dick "Bugs" Mann helped out to find valuable parts & info.


#10 Neil Keen, Wentzville MO USA

Neil Keen has provided a special seat for our project bike and some regalia.


#Adian Moss UK & #29 Tommy McDermott NY USA

Supplied a genuine BSA GS Daytona oiltank.


#69n Kenny Bright

Former expert C class rider and a major enthusiast.